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Buy drinking bottles from Friendsracket

Exercise and the absorption of fluids, these two things are inseparable. Anyone who does an intensive sport, such as badminton, squash or tennis, needs fluids - and sometimes a little more than just water or fruit juice spritzer. For example, a protein shake that you can mix yourself. It is annoying when small or large clumps are formed! This not only reduces the drinking experience, but also the taste. When you buy water bottles from Friendsracket, you always have your shaker with you wherever you go. You can also use the shaker as a drinking bottle, the great ClearSip opening makes it possible.

Buy water bottles and give the body what it needs after exercising

Making a shake is very easy. First unscrew the lid and fill the ingredients required for the shake into the BlenderBottle bottle. Very important: the BlenderBall made of stainless steel, you also have to put it in. If you now shake the jar extensively, the BlenderBall ensures that no lumps accumulate in the shake. Just leave the ball in the water bottle and only take it out if you want to clean it properly. Of course, you can also simply use a BlenderBottle as a "normal" bottle to fill with water to be prepared for the thirst for sports - after all, it doesn't always have to be a shake. You can always find great offers in our partner shop, the online pharmacy Kanela. Just click in there!