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Tennis is a sport with very simple rules and only a few necessary accessories. Sure, there is no way around a tennis court if you want to play a match (not with a partner or opponent anyway), but you do not need much more than suitable shoes, a tennis racket - i.e. a racket - and pants with large ones Pockets to hold one or two tennis balls. And, exactly: tennis balls! Of course you also need them. Without the yellow felt balls, there is no substitute for them. If you order tennis balls from Friendsracket, you can start right away. From the first serve to game, set, and match.

Buy tennis balls for every surface

The surface in tennis is called the surface. In the leisure and amateur area, the game is mostly played on sand, at least outdoors, in the tennis hall it is often a carpet-like surface. In the professional sector there are tennis balls that have been specially designed for individual surfaces, but as a hobby player or amateur it is entirely sufficient to use felt balls that can be used across all surfaces. In our range you will find exactly those balls that are suitable for all court areas. The waterproofness of our tennis balls is also there, so that after a rain shower you can quickly get back on the court to hit a few balls that are not soaking up. The tennis balls are equipped with internal pressure and, thanks to modern technology, are very visible on every surface. Great offers are always available in our partner shop, the online pharmacy Kanela. It's best to drop by there straight away!