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squash balls

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Buy squash balls from Friendsracket

The English verb "to squash" means "squash" or "squeeze". Of course, this does not mean that strong players crush a weaker one in a direct duel, as is sometimes said colloquially. Have you ever seen what happens to a soccer ball when it is shot? With a tight shot, it is squeezed to about half its volume! And with this size, a circumference of 68 to 70 centimeters is the required size in the active area. If you think about the forces that have to be exerted in a fast kickback sport like squash on a ball that only has a diameter of 39 to 40.5 and a weight of 23.5 to 24.5 grams ... So a squash ball has to endure a lot. If you buy squash balls from Friendsracket, we will deliver top play equipment to your home.

Order squash balls and enjoy them for a long time

We have a number of different squash balls in our range. The start ball and the tournament ball jump quite high, which makes it a little easier for beginners and hobby players because the ball changes are extended. The focus is more on fun. The Prime Ball, on the other hand, has different flight characteristics, but also impresses with its long lifespan and allows you maximum control if you really master the game. In any case, you will receive high-quality squash balls that promote fun and last a long time. Can be ordered either individually or in a set of twelve. There are always great offers in our partner shop, the online pharmacy Kanela. It's best to have a look now!