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Buy squash accessories from Friendsracket

There is hardly a setback sport that demands as much speed and responsiveness as squash does. In a very narrow space from 21 to 32 feet (about 6.40 to 9.75 meters), all four walls can be used as a playing surface, provided the ball touches the front or front wall after the stroke, without more than once on the floor encounter. Several red lines indicate the maximum height of a ball or the minimum depth it must be played. When you buy squash accessories from Friendsracket, nothing stands in the way of a great match with family or friends! With a little practice, you will soon be able to play a double - two against two on the same playing surface!

Great squash accessories only really bring fun to squash

Great squash accessories bring the right amount of fun to the squash. The accessories from our range, which we also regularly and frequently expand and expand, really bring joy to the squash box! For example, you should ensure that you always have a sufficient number of balls. Because of the impact hardness balls are stressed quite a bit. But of course you won't get very far with balls alone. Squash is a sport in which you sweat quickly and heavily - all the more important that you always have a replacement for the grip tape of your racket. Grip tapes come off now and then. But you can replace them quickly and easily with material from our online shop! There are always excellent offers at our partner shop, the online pharmacy Kanela . Feel free to drop by there!