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Whether tennis, badminton or squash: Anyone who does a lot of sweaty sports should always pay attention to nutrition. Of course, this applies in general, but also for the hours before sport, for breaks during sport and for replenishing the empty storage after sport. Because there are many substances that do not do the organism particularly good when it comes to nutrition and the absorption of liquids. Proteins, for example, are valuable, fats are not, and the body needs a certain amount of carbohydrates. Minerals, trace elements, salts and vitamins are also part of sports nutrition. If you buy sports nutrition from Friendsracket, we want to provide you with the "good" and well-tolerated ingredients.

Nutrition and drinks for every kind of sport

Proper nutrition in sports naturally does not stop at drinks. That is why you will find a lot of great drinks in our range, which contain a large number of vitamins, proteins, BCAA (i.e. amino acids), magnesium and other trace elements and minerals. These drinks do not contain industrial sugar, but at most fructose, which they sweeten. And because carbonic acid is also not recommended after sports, our sports drinks do not contain such a gas. As far as the taste is concerned, you have a free choice of drinks in our range. Can't make a decision? Then order several flavors - after all, healthy and delicious drinks may also be drunk, but not exclusively during sports, but also in between. You can always find great bargains and offers at our partner shop, the online pharmacy Kanela. Have a look there!