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Buy socks at Friendsracket

In addition to Olympic beach volleyball, there are actually ball sports that - at least in their unofficial variants - can be played without shoes. Beach soccer is part of it, but also a casual football game on the lawn in the outdoor pool or a game of badminton in the park. But that was almost it. Sure, tennis could also be imagined barefoot, at least in the hall and on a soft carpet, but no tennis player would seriously consider it. While barefoot sports in the sand or on the lawn are not very dangerous, the dull carpeting in a hall should be terrifying. When you buy socks from Friendsracket, it is for a good reason: you play tennis, squash or badminton with shoes on.

Socks that simply fit and do not disturb

Of course, clothing should never be a nuisance - but is that really always the case? Aren't the socks too tight around the ankles, is the skin already itching? This is annoying and costs energy in sports, which should be better spent on the match. It is best when you don't even notice that you are wearing socks! It is also important that they are breathable. Mesh material is of the best quality here, so your feet can breathe even while playing a hotly contested match. Reinforced soles and heels are also perfect for preventing injuries. In addition, good sports socks give the players mobility and at the same time slip resistance in the shoe. You will also find great offers and a wide range of products at our partner shop, the Kanela online pharmacy. Just drop by there!