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In the German-speaking world, people sometimes pretend that badminton is the same as the sport of badminton. That is of course not correct. Badminton is of course fun when you play it outside in the park or in the pool. Correct badminton, on the other hand, is all about points and is played indoors so that external influences - such as the weather - do not play a role. In addition, the term “badminton” is a bit misleading because the play equipment is by no means a ball, but rather a shuttlecock, which players often abbreviate as a shuttle. When you buy shuttles from Friendsracket, your Swiss supplier for badminton, squash and tennis, you will receive playground equipment from well-known manufacturers.

Buy shuttles from famous suppliers

Whether Wilson or Yonex: These outfitters have stood for top quality in ball sports for decades, and that also applies to the shuttles for badminton. The Wilson tubes each contain twelve shuttles at different flight speeds (fast, slow and medium), you can order twelve, six or three shuttles in different colors from Yonex. You can find out details about the products by clicking on the respective picture. Shuttles are designed in such a way that they fall almost vertically to the ground after a maximum of 15 meters - and only after a hard hit. The air resistance and the flapping angle each play a special role. Simply test the shuttles from our shop. Our partner shop, the online pharmacy Kanela, also offers great deals, good bargains and an excellent range. Just make sure you stop by!