moonspring cloudbuster (500ml)

moonspring cloudbuster (500ml)

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  • The color "orange" comes from the fruit. Before this came to us, the people here only knew “red”. And then Marco Polo went to China ... where orange was invented as a tangerine with grapefruit crossed. However, together with the essence of fresh green tea, we have created something unique. Great!
  • Moonspring are calorie-free, still, vegan soft drinks based on natural essences with selected functional components like Q10, folic acid or caffeine.
  • Moonspring is gently bottled aseptically, thus avoiding the addition of preservatives.
  • The use of natural essences guarantees the incredibly intense and long-lasting taste professional from Moonspring.
  • The production of these essences is similar to individual processes in the perfume industry, whereby tea and fruit infusions are pressed, the flavor essences are distilled from them and these are partially rediluted with the addition of other flavors. The result is Moonspring's compositions. Moonspring can be drunk at room temperature or chilled and has a shelf life of at least 12 months.
  • No calories, no additives - means less than 5 kcal / 100ml and no preservatives.

Water, sugar, aromas (essences) of green tea and orange, acidifier citric acid, coloring natural safflower concentrate, dye brilliant blue

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