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Setback sports such as tennis, squash and badminton have been extremely popular for decades. One reason for this may be that you don't need very much to practice these sports. Two people are sufficient, one racket, a few balls and a corresponding place - these are the basic requirements. If you play regularly, of course, then it should be a little bit more. This is where Yonex's articles come into play. If you buy Yonex products from Friendsracket, you can order great racket bags, ribbons for the racket itself, tennis balls and balls for badminton. All products from Yonex also meet the demands that professional athletes have of their equipment in the respective sport.

Articles from Yonex stand for the best quality

Whether balls, grips or racket bags: anyone who buys items from Yonex receives quality products for badminton and tennis. Of course, you can also use the grips for your squash racket. When ordering one of the tapes, make sure that each product has a different length, width and thickness. The grip is great with all grip tapes. The waterproof tennis balls are suitable for every court and the racket bags hold six to nine rackets. You can find out more details about our badminton balls (and of course also about all other articles) by clicking on the respective product - all varieties are characterized by different quality features. By the way, there are always interesting offers in our partner shop, the online pharmacy Kanela . Just have a look there!