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Some things, you know that, really make you thirsty. Summer temperatures, well-seasoned food - and of course sports. Of course, it can also be a soft drink or a sweetened soda, and if you only practiced discreetly, you can of course also treat yourself to a cyclist. In general, however, neither sugar nor alcohol are healthy after exercise (and certainly not during exercise), and too much carbonic acid is not exactly recommended. This is why Vitamin Well drinks are particularly popular during sports breaks or after physical exertion. If you order drinks from Vitamin Well from Friendsracket, your Swiss sports equipment supplier, we will supply you with non-carbonated drinks that are extremely well-suited to sporting activities and sweetened only with fructose.

Vitamin Well drinks in various flavors

The drinks were developed on a scientific basis, they contain vitamins, minerals and fruit and plant extracts that make each drink so special. The range of beverages developed and manufactured in Sweden is available in different flavors - just click through and decide on your favorite. Of course, you can also try out several flavors and find out which taste you like best. The taste of each variety is intense without being overbearing - and each variety has a different vital effect. For more information, just click on the photos. By the way, our partner shop, the online pharmacy Kanela, always has excellent offers. Just have a look!