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Is exercise a significant part of your life? Then you are physically fit and doing well - congratulations! Sure, there are moments that are a little exhausting when you just don't feel that good, right? Then we have something for you. When you buy Perskindol at Friendsracket, you ensure excellent cooling or warming of the joints and muscles in all parts of the body - depending on which product you choose. With the Thermo Hot Gel or the Thermo Hot Roll-on you can, for example, relieve tension in the neck or shoulders in no time at all, even with classic lumbago or pain in the sciatica, warmth is just the thing. But there are also products that provide you with pleasant cooling.

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With the Cool Patch, the Cool Bandage or the Cool Down Shower Gel you can refresh and relax your muscles and joints before and after exercise. And if you need regeneration after physical activity and want to prevent classic sore muscles, we recommend Massage Oil. The essential oils, vitamin E and arnica contained in the oil penetrate deeply into the muscles and also protect your skin. The Kinesiology Tape remains to be mentioned, which is breathable, waterproof and elastic and promotes the lymphatic circulation by stimulating the blood circulation. You can wear the tape as you wish, both in everyday life and during sports, and that without hesitation over a longer period of time.