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The Isostar brand was developed in Switzerland more than 40 years ago. The aim was (and still is) to produce an isotonic electrolyte drink for athletes. Regardless of whether you are a hobby athlete or a professional: when you buy Isostar products, you are simply doing something good for yourself. Before, during and of course after the sport. However, the name Isostar has long since ceased to stand exclusively for drinks. For many years the company has also been producing high-energy sports bars, which cover energy requirements through the intake of carbohydrates. The combination of energy bar and drink is always ideal. There are also tabs that you can use to determine how rich your sports drink should be with carbohydrates and minerals. Anyone who has a tough and enduring sporting competition in front of their chest knows that in the last few days before the event it is particularly important to drink plenty of fluids and to eat perfectly. The stores have to be filled up to the top beforehand, primarily with water and glycogen (this is carbohydrate stored in cells).

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But it is not only important to take care of the body before the competition - during this time you should also make sure that you constantly absorb the substances described. And after the physical exertion, it is even more important to replenish your reserves with drinks and bars from Isostar - your body will thank you for it. Order right now!