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Hansaplast is one of those brands that you don't have to imagine. Every child knows that a small scratch is not even half as wild with a plaster from Hansaplast, on which a great motif is printed, such as colorful plants or the main characters from "Frozen", "Kids Animals", "Kids Princess" or «Star Wars». If you are treating a small child, it is advisable to explain every step from cleaning to disinfection to sticking on the patch to relieve the child of a little bit of fear. The motifs from the "Star Wars" could also be of interest to adult fans ... In addition to the plasters, Hansaplast has developed a variety of other products such as foot creams and sprays, bandages, wound sprays and healing ointments, spray plasters, heat pads, plasters for scar reduction and more. When you buy Hansaplast products from Friendsracket , you have everything you need to heal scratches, blisters and wounds quickly and thoroughly.

Hansaplast plasters & Co. for quick wound healing

Be it a small cut, sports injury or a larger wound or abrasion, such as that caused by a fall: you should always use the Hansaplast wound spray against disinfection before sticking on a plaster or wrapping a small bandage around the injury. Before using the disinfectant, however, it is important to wash your hands properly. In our range of plasters you will find robust, waterproof, transparent and elastic plasters, as well as sensitive plasters for sensitive skin, for scar reduction, quick healing and the classic par excellence, namely the universally popular plaster.