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In the Friendsracket range, we offer you a wide range of products from various manufacturers - items for the racket sports of squash, badminton and tennis, plus other accessories such as caps, towels and the like. There are of course a variety of items that you can also use for other sports or that ensure the energy supply of your body during sports, i.e. drinks, energy bars and co. To complete the equipment, you can also buy products for joint and muscle pain in the shop. We at Friendsracket also have our own products in our range: If you buy Friendsracket items here from your Swiss equipment supplier for racket sports, we will deliver top sportswear.

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Of course we strive to always expand the entire range and have more articles in our range for you. This also applies to our own brand Friendsracket. The high-quality sports shirts impress with their quality and the design developed in-house. Show your teammates and opponents that you understand fun, even if the match can get tough! The funny motifs related to backlash sport make it clear that this is still about playing, about sport. To get detailed information about the Friendsracket articles from our own production, simply click on the desired picture. You will also find wonderful offers, great bargains and a well-stocked range at our partner shop, the Kanela online pharmacy. Have a look!