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When we hear the word combination “first aid”, we always immediately think of people who have suffered a bad accident, of the stable position on their side and ventilation from mouth to mouth and / or nose. Not that knowing about it is unimportant - on the contrary! But, strictly speaking, first aid already begins with the treatment of small injuries, for example during sport or when cutting with a knife or scissors, and abrasions also need to be treated first. For wounds of this type and cuts, you can simply open the medicine cabinet and use a plaster . You can buy these Dermaplast products right here in our online shop. But of course, recreational sport also has potential for injuries, but we're not talking so much about external wounds, but rather about sprains or muscle injuries such as strains or fiber tears. Of course, at Friendsracket we also have something from Dermaplast in our range for this

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For example, you can find sport tapes in different designs and sizes with which you can not only carry out an initial treatment. Many such tapes allow you to prepare damaged parts of the body such as joints in such a way that you are still able to do sports. In our range you will also find many other valuable articles such as quick bandages made of textile, cooling bandages for the quick treatment of bruises and bruises etc. as well as gauze compresses for various purposes. There is no question that all products in our online shop have been tested by research and found to be good. Order products from Dermaplast right now.