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If you like to mix a rich protein shake every now and then, then it is certainly a nuisance for you if the shake forms small or larger lumps. This significantly disrupts the drinking experience. And the full taste can not develop as you are probably used to. If you buy a BlenderBottle product from Friendsracket you can take your shaker with you anytime, anywhere - to the office, for sports or while traveling. Because you can not only use the bottle, which is equipped with a great ClearSip opening, as a drinking vessel, but also directly as a shaker. Simply choose from our various BlenderBottles or order the combo pack.

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The making of a shake is very easy: just unscrew the lid and fill the desired ingredients for your shake into the BlenderBottle. The most important utensil is now the BlenderBall made of stainless steel - it must also be included. Now shake the jar extensively, the BlenderBall ensures that no lumps form in your shake. You can always leave the ball in the bottle - unless you want to clean it thoroughly. Even if you only want to drink water in between, the BlenderBall can stay in it because it does not rust. If you want to add cooling ice to your protein shake, you can do so through the bottle neck as well. By the way, the drinking openings always have a secure screw cap.