BlenderBottle Tero black (735ml)

BlenderBottle Tero black (735ml)

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I will not lie. I don't do fancy party tricks. I'm not going to win an Innovation of the Year award. But what I do, I do very well.

I have an easy-to-turn lid.

My lid turns in and out with just half a turn. Which doesn't sound like much. Given that most water bottles take 3.2 turns on average, this will save a lot of time throughout the day. Please.

I have a carrying handle.

My carrying handle is probably my favorite feature. Why? Because it's so stealthy, you barely know it's there. It will never get in the way, but it's always ready and able when you need it. In spite of all the transparency, the handles make me feel safer if you drag me around.

I am leak-proof.

Probably the most important thing in a water bottle, but how many bottles do you and your belongings leak and mess? But not this guy. This bottle is sealed watertight and abstains at all times.

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