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badminton bag

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Buy a badminton bag at Friendsracket

You don't need that many accessories to be able to properly practice a kickback sport like badminton. The most important utensil is definitely - besides the shuttles - the racket, i.e. the badminton racket. Without it, of course, it doesn't work, with no other object you can even come close to beating the shuttle as with a real badminton racket. Even in the leisure sector, it is advisable not to have just one racket - how easily a string breaks in play. Even tennis players never travel to a match with a single racket. When you buy a badminton bag from Friendsracket, your Swiss equipment supplier for racket sports, you can store up to nine rackets for badminton in it.

A badminton bag is more than just practical

In our range you will find a selection of different bags for your clubs. Before you make up your mind, you should consider what exactly you need. Is a badminton bag enough for you, in which you only want to transport your rackets? Or are you looking for a bag that has additional compartments for shoes and other accessories? Simply click through the offer until you have found the right badminton bag. You can read details about the articles on our website by simply clicking on the corresponding picture. The dimensions and equipment of the bags are noted there. You can also find great offers, always great bargains and a well-stocked range at our partner shop, the online pharmacy Kanela. Just come over some time!