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Order badminton accessories from Friendsracket

Badminton, the intensive setback sport, is a lot of fun, both outdoors and in the hall. The better conditions, free of wind and weather, can of course be found under the roof, and so badminton as a competitive sport is usually played indoors. All in all, badminton is not unlike tennis, but the net is higher, the shuttlecock must not hit the ground before the stroke and the field is a good deal smaller. As with tennis, there is this sport in single or double. If you buy badminton accessories from Friendsracket, then equip yourself perfectly.

Badminton: Shuttlecocks, Bags & Co.

We are constantly expanding our range, so be sure to drop by our online shop. In addition to shuttlecocks, which are also used in national and international tournaments and competitions, you will also find bags for several rackets, for example. Because like in tennis you need more than just a racket during a match or tournament - how quickly a string breaks in the game! If you want to slowly introduce your children to badminton, you can try the child-friendly version of badminton in the open air. For this we recommend the shuttlecocks that you can find in our offer. And if the little ones have a knack for badminton, you may soon be able to register for badminton! Great deals are always available at our partner shop, the online pharmacy Kanela . Just have a look there!