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In order to be able to play a setback sport like badminton, squash or tennis, you don't need a lot besides a playing partner, a racket, a few balls and a court. Well, sports socks, a matching T-shirt and sports pants with appropriate pockets to accommodate one or two balls are of course also not bad. So why buy more accessories? Quite simply: so that you can really discover the fun of sport. You can find beverage bottles, tapes, heat pads, envelopes, bandages and gels as well as wristbands, headbands, magnesium cream, Tiger Balm, cooling spray, caps, bandages, kinesio tape, socks or towels. When you buy sports accessories from Friendsracket, your Swiss supplier for tennis, badminton and squash, you are well prepared.

Sports accessories in high quality

Are you a tennis freak and read what you can get your hands on on this topic? Then the book "Winning Ugly" by Brad Gilbert, the former professional, might be interesting. Or should it be the biography of Roger Federer? A third book “Tennis - the inner game” deals with the physical and psychological aspects of this game. Both components, however, are inextricably linked. The other setback sports, however, are no less fascinating - the super-fast squash or badminton, for example, which is absolutely dynamic and has a power that other sports can only dream of. Only with the accessories from our range will you have full fun in your sport! You will also find great offers, always cheap bargains and a well-stocked range in our partner shop, the online pharmacy Kanela. Just make sure you stop by!